Composition competition

The Annual 50th Antonín Dvořák Music Festival Příbram Announces


Intended for Authors under the 40 Years of Age


• Composition for string orchestra (4,4,3,2,1)
• Maximum length of the cycle shall be 15 minutes
• Subject: dance, dance suite

Musical score of the composition along with electronic recording (in the MP3 format) and the composition name and contact details shall be sent in electronic form by 15 April 2018 to e-mail address
To ensure objectivity of assessment, the score and the recording must be without the least mention of the author as they will be identified through a numeric code generated from the sending date.

Professional jury chaired by Mrs. Sylvie Bodorová will announce the winning composition at the Closing Concert of the Annual 50th Festival and also will present the winner with the Antonín Dvořák Award donated by Mrs. Markéta Dvořák – Ghosh, the Great-granddaughter of Antonín Dvořák
(the prize of 15,000 CZK or its equivalent in EUR).

Rádio Classic Praha, the partner of the competition, will award the Prize of Rádio Classic Praha accompanied by presentation of the award-winning composer.


The award-winning composition will be premiered at the concert
of the Annual 51st Antonín Dvořák Music Festival Příbram (in 2019).